Is it safe to leave a USB connected Hard Drive connected to my Desktop 24/7?

Answer No, this can be very dangerous. USB drives can overheat and can pose a risk of your computer spontaneously catching on fire. You should unplug the drive as quickly as possible after using it at a... Read More »

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Is it safe to leave flash drive connected to computer?

On One Hand: Backups and ConvenienceAs flash drives continue to be manufactured in larger storage sizes, they become useful as backup drives. Since the drive only engages when you access it, if you... Read More »

Windows Can't Recognize My Maxtor Hard Drive Connected Via IDE To USB Connector?

Sounds like the IDE to USB cable is not getting enough power to the drive to get it up to full speed.I have come across this several times where the USB port is just not quite giving the drive enou... Read More »

Stabilizer connected to voltage regulator connected to massage chair?

The most likely answer is that your massage chair draws WAY more that 120 watts, or demanded way more current (amperage) than the 120W unit could handle. 120W at 110V equals about 1 amp (not much).... Read More »

Hi I have usb tv tuner connected to my PC and connected via audio video cable to my sat receiver?

Hai,* Make sure that micro phone is switched off in your PC.* Make sure that your audio video cable exactly pluged into the satellite receiver .* If still you have problem change the cable (OR) Rem... Read More »