Is it safe to lay on bottom during sex while pregnant?

Answer As long as you are comfortable doing so, it is.

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Is it safe to use a hairspray while pregnant especially during the first trimester?

Answer Yes! I wouldn't go inhaling it straight from the can :-) but using it on your hair will be fine! I've had 2 perfectly healthy kids & hairspray didnt affect them.

If you like for your mate to pee inside during sex is that safe while pregnant?

I don't think that it is a good idea, since you are more likely to get UTI (urinary tract infection), from the urine entering from the outside of the vagina into it... there is a lot of bacteria in... Read More »

Is it safe to 4wd while pregnant?

No. No athletic or extreme things should be done while pregnant. It could seriously harm, or even kill the child.

Is icy hot safe to use while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe. Alot of pregnant women who contract PUPPPS-an extremely itchy pregnancy rash- will use it to make the itch burn instead, so they dont feel the itch.