Is it safe to heat soy chocolate milk?

Answer On One Hand: Heating soy milk too fast can cause it to curdle.If you heat soy milk too hot too fast, it can curdle or bubble over. The curdling is caused from the heat, not because the soy milk is ... Read More »

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Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate What is your fav choc food?

I love milk and white chocolate and usually in a good Reese Peanut Butter Cup. I love a cake Costco puts out too and that is in milk chocolate as well. Unfortunately we are talking chocolate here s... Read More »

Is it harmful to health to heat milk bag in microwave oven and then boil the milk?

This practice may be harmful for health because the polythene milk bag may not be microwave safe and some portion of it may melt and contaminate the milk.

My friend wants to know if Chocolate milk comes from Chocolate cows?

Yes they do! And do you know how to get whipped cream?I whip those cows

If a woman was to eat a lot of chocolate would her breast milk taste like chocolate?