Is it safe to have sinus surgery if you are 2 to 3 weeks pregnant?

Answer AnswerAs sinus surgery is not an emergency I would put it off as the baby is just developing.If you are going through fertility treatment and know the exact date of ovulation you can then know how ... Read More »

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Is it safe to have surgery for sinuses while pregnant?

Answer From what I understand the only surgeries you should have while your pregnant should only be the surgeries that are necessary to save your life. The ansthetic used could be harmful and to y... Read More »

Is it safe to have an abortion if you are 9 weeks pregnant?

Answer No abortions are safe! And think hard before you go through with this. It can't be undone. Not trying to preach to you, but I know a friend who did this and she still has terrible guilt alm... Read More »

10 weeks 5 days pregnant, sinus infection?

Ask your pharmacist. S/he can give you excellent advice about this. If the infection is bacterial you may need antibiotics, but if it is viral it has to run its course anyway. Sip on hot drinks,... Read More »

Is it safe to have your hair colored when you are 19 weeks pregnant?

Answer It's a good idea not to. Remember, your skin (including scalp) is the largest breathing organ of your body) and what you put on your skin or scalp is absorbed into the body. As you get furth... Read More »