Is it safe to have plants in kids'bedrooms?

Answer It is best to keep plants out of the bedrooms of children under the age of five, as they may be more prone to eat unknown plants. However, there is an extensive variety of house plants that are saf... Read More »

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Ant Killers That Are Safe for Plants?

Ants can be a pest in your garden because they will eat your plants and destroy them. It can be difficult trying to find a solution that is safe for the plants and eliminates the ant problem. There... Read More »

Pet-Safe Insecticide for Plants?

Insecticides can be used on either outdoor or indoor plants to get rid of unwanted insects that may be eating or otherwise harming the plant. Generally, they are toxic to the insect and may also be... Read More »

List of Plants Safe for Reptiles?

Decorating a reptile vivarium with living plants provides a more natural environment for the reptiles and makes it a more interesting decorative feature. In addition to making the vivarium more aes... Read More »

Safe House Plants for Dogs?

Nearly 40 percent of all American households own at least one dog, with a quarter of those households owning two or more dogs, according to the Humane Society of the United States. There are plenty... Read More »