Is it safe to have my internet on all night and not turn it off?

Answer As long as you make sure that the fans do not have too much dust build up, you should be fine. If having your computer turned on is a fire hazard, then having your microwave turn on is a fire haza... Read More »

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Is it safe for a woman who weighs 24 pounds to have a 750 ml bottle of wine every night?

i think a woman who weighs 24 lbs wouldn't have the strength to lift a glass of wine let alone swallow it

Is it good to either turn off your computer at night or keep it running all night?

This is one of those questions where there is no single right answer. In other words, it depends on how you use your computer. There are at least three situations that force you to leave your compu... Read More »

I cant get my safe to lock ! It appears to be locked until I turn the knob again and turn the handle and it co?

Did you have a BRain fart ? and lost it in the middle of the question ?

I have put my computer in safe mode with networking but still cant connect to the internet can you tell me why?

I guess you put it in safe mode as you noticed a problem or just the pc changed, i advise you search (if on windows 7) system restore in the all programs bar and the same with vista, xp you will ne... Read More »