Is it safe to have intercourse before or after periods?

Answer The least 'safe' (safe = not getting pregnant) time to have intercourse is after your period ends, as your body is gearing up for ovulation. Since sperm can live for 5 days, having sex after a peri... Read More »

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How safe sexual intercourse after x ray?

After sex had periods after 20 days but now two months passed and no periods pregnant?

you probably are not pregnant. Women that have their periods are not pregnant. If you had your period 20 days after sex then you cannot be pregnant. But if two months pass you have either changed y... Read More »

Is it safe to have intercourse while pregnant?

A baby inside a baby. Move over Jesus, this is a real miracle.I've always wondered if pregnant ladies do that.... if my mom did that. *shudder*

What is the safe period to have intercourse and not get pregnant?

Answer Hello,There is no safe time to have unprotected sex. You can even become pregnant during your period. During your period there is a 1% risk of pregnancy occurring. Outside of your period th... Read More »