Is it safe to have an mri on skull for a patient with heart stents?

Answer On One Hand: Most Cardiac Stents Are MRI CompatibleHeart stents made of nonmagnetic metal alloys are typically MRI safe. The MRI will not dislodge or damage these types of stents. Most cardiac sten... Read More »

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Is it safe to have a sex with aids patient by using condoms. Is it possible to have oral sex?

Though condoms reduce the risk of infection, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is 100% safe. If you decide to have a sexual relationship with your infected partner, be prepared for the potential consequ... Read More »

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to be around a radiation treatment patient?

On One Hand: External Beam Radiation TherapyPatients who receive radiation treatments via an external beam do not become radioactive. Their treatments are given in rooms that are specifically desig... Read More »

Is it safe for an adult mayeloid leukemia patient to be pregnant?

Panda may not be entirely correct this one time.I think she is assuming this woman is still undergoing chemotherapy treatments.If the AML is in remission and has been for years, it is possible.Ther... Read More »

If an Insurance Company pays for services rendered by Doctors Office yet does not post and cash check until after patient has moved on to a new plan is patient still responsible for original payment?

Answer little unclear on who received funds they didn't post or cash, (doc's office has an ins. co. check?) but i believe the answer is this:if you signed forms in a doctor's office that said you a... Read More »