Is it safe to go to tijuana while in san diego?

Answer On One Hand: Crime and CorruptionMexican border towns have suffered a number of gang- and drug-war shootings, and Tijuana has not been immune. The Mexican police force is also notoriously corrupt, ... Read More »

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How far is it from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico?

By road travel, the quickest route from San Diego, California, to Tijuana, Mexico, is Interstate 5 heading south. The distance is approximately 20.8 miles. Other routes between these locations incl... Read More »

How many shrimp can you bring from Tijuana to San Diego?

Laws do not specify an exact amount of shrimp that you can bring from Tijuana to San Diego, but the amount must be for personal use only. As a result, more than a few pounds might raise concerns am... Read More »

What do you need to cross to tijuana if im under age?

Anything is possible. As long as they're not "serious" or have anything to do with domestic violence you could probably get the waivers needed. However, if you're a tool and they don't think you're... Read More »

Is Tijuana a bad place to live?

There is no yes or no to that question because it would be a statement of opinion.