Is it safe to go to the tanning bed for 5 minutes at six months pregnant?

Answer Answer no--- or to use a hot tub or anything else that raises your body (and therefore your baby's) temperature

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Is going to a tanning bed safe if you are pregnant?

Answer No! Tanning beds are not good for YOU, but doubtful it would hurt the baby. Why risk possible cancer for yourself or aging early in life.

You just found out you are pregnant you have a 6 months old and had gestational diabetes that led to a caesarian section Is it safe to stay pregnant and what are the risks if you do keep the baby?

Typically if you know you are pregnant and you develop diabetes but find out about it it is alright. Gestational diabetes (although not the greatest thing to have) is easy to control if you follow ... Read More »

Are tanning beds safe to use while pregnant?

On One Hand: Avoid Tanning Beds While PregnantFor several reasons, it is not good to tan naturally or in a tanning bed when you are pregnant. Skin is more susceptible to sunburn while pregnant, acc... Read More »

Is it safe to take six months of continuous antibiotics while pregnant?

Answer It depends why you are taking them. Presumably your doctor knows you are pregnant and it may be that the antibiotics help you maintain your pregnancy. ASk the doctor.