Is it safe to go to a nascar race while pregnant?

Answer Nothing is perfectly safe. You could get in a wreck on the way there. You could be mugged in the parking lot. You could be hit by debris during a crash. You might go running onto the track too earl... Read More »

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Who won the first Nascar race?

The very first Nascar race was won by Jim Roper in 1949. He was awarded first place and the $2,000 prize after the car of Glenn Dunnaway was disqualified for being modified.Source:Insider Racing Ne... Read More »

How much time does a NASCAR race take?

The average NASACAR race takes between 3 and 4 hours. The length of the race depends on the number of miles and laps driven, as well as the number of slower "caution" laps resulting from crashes.So... Read More »

How many cars race in NASCAR?

For the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series, which are the top-two competitions in NASCAR, there is a 43-car limit for each race. A race can be run with fewer cars, but 43 is the maximum al... Read More »

Why are there 43 cars in every NASCAR race?

In NASCAR, almost all events have 43 competitors on the starting grid. Prior to 1997, NASCAR's starting fields ranged from 32 to 44 cars, depending on the size of the track. In 1997, NASCAR officia... Read More »