Is it safe to go swimming while pregnant?

Answer yes yes it is safe to swin when you are pregnant an its good exercise an it will help when youe having the baby it wont hurt as much

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How to Stay Safe While Swimming (Kids)?

So it is really hot. You decide to take a dip in the pool. Before you have fun on the sun, here are some precautions to take.

How to Stay Safe While Swimming in an Ocean?

Each year, hundreds of people visit the coast to go for a swim in the beautiful oceans that our planet offers. It is fun and enjoyable. However, safety is also very important.

Is swimming at 5 weeks pregnant safe? is harmful for you and your child

Can you harm your baby by swimming while pregnant?

No, you cannot hurt your child by swimming. You may not want to enter the Olympics and train super hard, but a leisurely swim is just fine. In fact, your sore back and body will appreciate the rela... Read More »