Is it safe to get pregnant if you have just stopped taking diet pills?

Answer Pregnancy after taking Pills No. pills help a little bit, but you really should wait until your married, i know a lot of people will tell you that, but it's the best thing to do. if your not marrie... Read More »

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You were taking SlimQuick for weightloss but stopped taking them Is it safe to start trying to get pregnant now?

If you become pregnant while taking diet pills?

I'm not positive, but I would think it would be in there as long as it would be in your own system. Hydrocodone is water soluble and therefore is out rather quickly.

Would taking diet pills harm you fetus?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

I started taking diet pills and I can't stop having headached?

are you still eating right, or did you replace your meals with the pills ?See a doctor..