Is it safe to get braces while being pregnant?

Answer Braces Sure. You're not eating anything you aren't supposed to or doing an activity you're not supposed to do while pregnant. As always, if you want to be extra sure then ask your doctor.

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Is it safe to get pregnant while you have braces?

Yes, although it is unlikely to happen, especially if you are a guy

Is it safe to swim while being pregnant?

yes. Not in a hot tub though-the temperature is too high

Is subutex safe to take while being pregnant?

yes it is.Subutex is prescribed instead of suboxone ..I'm currently 5 months pregnant and taking 2 8mg. pills a day. Suboxone and Subutex are just alike except subutex lacks one ingredient that sub... Read More »

Can you get braces while you are pregnant?

Answer yes Answer There is no reason why not.Yes.