Is it safe to get a dental implant while pregnant?

Answer The procedure itself is safe, although it is recommended to have it done after you have given birth.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant when having unprotected sex when you have the Implanon implant fitted I've had it in for two weeks now and I was just curious. When is it safe after gettin it?

Answer There is still a 1% chance in rare cases that you can conceive but the implant should protect you against pregnancy. Yes but what is the chance of this?? Please can someone help!! I had an ... Read More »

Is dental work safe when you are pregnant?

Dental x-rays and Pregnancy If it is imperative you have dental x-rays make sure the dentist knows you are pregnant, but otherwise leave them until after you have the baby. The dentist will only t... Read More »

What is the cost of a dental implant?

AnswerI have been studying this same question and the price can vary greatly from place to place so this answer would depend on where you are located, but for a single implant anywhere from about 3... Read More »

Dental Implant Difficulties?

Dental implants are teeth that are surgically implanted to replace missing teeth. It can be a porcelain tooth screwed to the jawbone or a porcelain tooth fused to a high noble metal post fixed to ... Read More »