Is it safe to eat sour food during Pregnancy?

Answer Yes, why not. For me as an 8 week pregnant mom i like sour food specially it gives relief from morning sickness that i face and it really helps, but avoid it on an empty stomach..

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Is sour milk safe to drink during pregnancy?

Is it safe to microwave sour cream?

On One Hand: Yes, It's SafeHeating sour cream in a microwave--or by any other heat source--is perfectly safe.On the Other: Why Would You Want To?The beauty of sour cream is that a dollop on top of ... Read More »

How to Use up Sour Milk for Hen Food?

Don't throw out that milk when it turns! It still has great potential as healthy hen food that will be returned to you as delicious eggs! This article explains how to best use it.Difficulty: Easy

You feel really bloated lately and am very gassy and have a sour stomach a lot could these be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It could be. Are you late? If you are late take a test. If you aren't late, wait until your period is due and test.