Is it safe to eat shrimp and snowcrab legs while pregnant?

Answer Yes, a pregnant woman can eat seafood but she must be very careful about what seafoods she can eat because a lot of seafood contains mercury, which can be very harmful to the fetus. Bottom-feeder f... Read More »

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Is it safe to eat boiled shrimp while pregnant?

I have never been pregnant but I have read over and over that women who are pregnant should eat fish and seafood very sparingly because of the amounts of mercury in them that can actually cause bir... Read More »

Is it safe to eat crab legs while pregnant?

On One Hand: Methylmercury ConcernFish and other aquatic species, including crabs, can be contaminated with methylmercury, caused by industrial pollution. reports that fetuses are p... Read More »

Can you eat shrimp while pregnant?

On One Hand: Part of a Healthy DietShellfish such as shrimp are a healthy addition to a pregnancy diet. Shrimp contain omega-3 fatty acids and are high in protein, according to th... Read More »

Is it Safe to eat cocktail shrimp when pregnant?

Yes, you can because shrimp is low in mercury, but you aren't allowed more than 12 oz (or 2 normal servings) of shrimp, cod, lobster, light can tuna, or crap in one week. Make sure it is cooked ful... Read More »