Is it safe to eat rice pudding while pregnant?

Answer Yes, it is completely safe to eat rice pudding.

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How to Cool Rice Pudding to a Safe Temperature?

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I need a recipe for rice pudding that is made only in the oven, (not on a cook top at all), with uncooked rice?

This rich, creamy slow baked rice pudding recipe is the ultimate version of the classic comfort food. The old-fashioned method of slow cooking the rice in milk gives the vanilla custard an incredib... Read More »

Burnt plastic bag while cooking boil-in-bag rice. Is it still safe to eat?

no .don't do it . rice is cheep . buy new rice .

Is ice safe to eat while pregnant?

Chewing ice while pregnant is perfectly safe but can be a sign of anemia. Mention the ice craving to your doctor, a simple blood test will check your iron levels.