Is it safe to eat pork scratchings when you are pregnant?

Answer pork is never safe to eat. If you are a pork consumer expect serious diseases after 40, 50 or 60 years when you reach a point when you want to live more.

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5 Day Expired Pork Ribs Safe to Eat?

they are fine as long as they have been frozen. if you thaw them today cook them today,. i buy marked down meat all the time, i just make sure i freeze the day i buy it or cook it that day. the... Read More »

Is it safe to cook frozen pork?

On One Hand: It Is Safe in Most CasesAccording to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), frozen pork may need to be cooked for up to 50 percent longer than defrosted pork. Pork should ... Read More »

Are pork bones safe for dogs?

On One Hand: Dogs Love Pork BonesDogs chew on things. They chew on things they are not suppose to. By giving a dog a pork bone, they are less likely to chew on the new leather shoes you just purcha... Read More »

Is a can of pork nearly 4 years old (Oct 2009) safe to eat?

it should have a date on it , but i wouldnt chance it no, just think of if u get food poisoning ...