Is it safe to eat peanuts while pregnant?

Answer Answer It is recommended that certain women avoid eating peanuts while they are pregnant. You are advised to avoid peanuts if you, your baby's father, or one of your previous children has had an a... Read More »

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Are raw peanuts safe to eat?

On One Hand: Consider AflatoxinsRaw peanuts are susceptible to contamination with a substance known as aflatoxin, a toxic substance found in the fungus Aspergillus flavus. Possible effects of consu... Read More »

Are peanuts with hot pepper safe for woodpeckers?

On One Hand: Good for Birds, Not SquirrelsPeanuts and hot peppers are considered safe for woodpeckers. Even though hot peppers may sound like a dangerous snack, if you're choosing what kind of foo... Read More »

Is it okay to eat peanuts when you are pregnant?

On One Hand: Peanuts are BeneficialPeanuts are a good source of folate and protein, which are important during pregnancy. Folate--folic acid found in various foods--can help prevent brain and spina... Read More »

Are packing peanuts safe for fancy rats to play in?

On One Hand: Traditional packing peanuts have toxic elements.Industrial packing peanuts are typically made from a compound called polystyrene, according to UBoxes, a shipping supply store. Prolonge... Read More »