Is it safe to eat hot peppers while pregnant?

Answer Yes, but you have to be prepared for heartburn after.

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Is icy hot safe to use while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe. Alot of pregnant women who contract PUPPPS-an extremely itchy pregnancy rash- will use it to make the itch burn instead, so they dont feel the itch.

Is ice safe to eat while pregnant?

Chewing ice while pregnant is perfectly safe but can be a sign of anemia. Mention the ice craving to your doctor, a simple blood test will check your iron levels.

Is it safe to 4wd while pregnant?

No. No athletic or extreme things should be done while pregnant. It could seriously harm, or even kill the child.

Is it safe to eat octopus while pregnant?

If it has been properly harvested, prepared and cooked, it should be safe to eat.