Is it safe to eat chicken off of the floor?

Answer No. Chicken dropped on the floor is not safe to eat as is. If the chicken is raw, it could be rinsed off and cooked. If the chicken was cooked, I'd suggest tossing it - unless you want to rinse it ... Read More »

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What Type of Floor Should Be Used for Chicken Coops?

On One Hand: Concrete Is DurableThe Poultry One website recommends concrete flooring for those who are going to build a chicken coop because it keeps rodents out and can easily be cleaned and sanit... Read More »

Is it safe to eat chicken egg shells?

All parts of the egg, including the shell, are edible. The shell has a high content of calcium.

How do i secure a safe to a floor?

Set and Mark the Location of the SafeMove the safe into position. Open the safe door. Slide a permanent marker into each mounting hole located in the bottom of the safe and draw a mark where each h... Read More »

How to Bolt a Safe to the Floor?

Most people keep extremely valuable items in safes, such as cash, jewelry, important documents and firearms. The purpose of the safe is to keep those things away from thieves, and, in the case of g... Read More »