Is it safe to eat chesapeake rockfish?

Answer On One Hand: Rockfish Do Have ContaminantsRockfish, or striped bass, have been the subject of various advisories in recent years. In 2006, concern about bacterial illness in bay fish prompted the M... Read More »

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What is a rockfish?

Rockfish are a type of bass that are a favorite of fisherman. Since 1965, the rockfish has been the state fish of Maryland. Rockfish are very common in the waters within this state.NamesRockfish ... Read More »

What do rockfish eat?

The 100-plus species of rockfish are members of the scorpion fish order. Their taxonomic and geographic diversity corresponds to a relatively universal diet.BackgroundThe majority of rockfish live ... Read More »

Is rockfish another name for snapper?

Informally, rockfish is another name for snapper. According to Tim's Seafood, there are up to 50 species of rockfish that are labeled as snapper. There is one "true" snapper, which is a red snapper... Read More »

How to Cook Rockfish?

Rockfish might look ugly swimming in the ocean, but their lean flesh tastes pleasingly nutty. Look for whole fresh fish with clear, bright eyes and a smell like the ocean, or fresh or frozen rockfi... Read More »