Is it safe to eat canned fruit directly from the can?

Answer yes, it is safe to eat canned fruit directly from the can (just watch the can edges for sharpness!) but you should not store any leftover fruit in the can. Put any leftovers in an airtight containe... Read More »

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Different Kinds of Canned Fruit?

Canned fruit is a convenient option to fresh fruit, and is ready-to-serve when opened. It is tasty directly from the can, or for use in desserts and salads. Packed at the height of freshness, many ... Read More »

Can I put canned or frozen fruit in a juicer?

Although fresh fruit works best in a juicer, providing the freshest taste and most nutritional benefits, you can also make juice from canned and frozen fruit. Thoroughly drain canned fruit and defr... Read More »

Can you use canned fruit to make baby food?

On One Hand: There are BenefitsCanned fruit offers several benefits over fresh produce for making baby food. It is less expensive than fresh produce, especially if you prefer organic produce. Also,... Read More »

Oregon Canned Fruit in Local grocery stores in Southern California ?

Sounds repulsive but try the dollar stores they often have Oregon fruit in the can.