Is it safe to eat bitter kola during pregnancy?

Answer no

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Can bitter taste and headaches be a sign of pregnancy?

well, sore head and bad taste may be due to pregnancy although its unlikely unless uv had other signs.due to change in hormones these may be reaction to pregnant women, this change can... Read More »

You have taken xanex twice in the last two weeks at 2 mg each time and just got a positive pregnancy test is it safe to continue with the pregnancy?

Answer Yes its safe to continue with the pregnancy hun. However stop taking Xanax and consult your doctor or some pregnancy tests and ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok. Answer From the Physic... Read More »

Why do some papayas taste bitter and what causes it to be while other papayas of the same plant arent bitter at all?

When is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Answer you can have sex right until you pop providing you have no problems such as a low-lying placenta.