Is it safe to eat beef liver during pregnancy?

Answer Ask your doctor f it's safe for you.

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Is it safe to get a permanent during pregnancy?

Answer You should try to avoid any harsh fumes while pregnant. Your hair can be very easily damaged due to coloring or perming during pregnancy due to hormone changes. Sometimes you can talk to a... Read More »

Is it safe to do the missionary during pregnancy?

yea its safe but it dont always feel great for the female and if you do it doggy style make sure you put a pillow under her belly it takes off pressure from the back and theres less movement for th... Read More »

Is it safe to use vaseline during pregnancy?

If you are concerned please read the reports about cosmetics and pregnancy at the "cosmetics database" See link You should consider removing all exposure to petrochemicals during pregnancy and sho... Read More »

Is it safe to not use protection during pregnancy?

The risk of STDs are still there but otherwise fine.