Is it safe to eat a used tampon you found in the parking lot?

Answer probably violates the 5 second rule

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Is it safe to flush a tampon?

OMG at the women answering yes to this question. I have been in the maintenance field for 22 years. 80% of all toilet and sewer line back-ups are caused by tampons. Ladies, Please wrap and toss in ... Read More »

Is it safe to put a tampon up your bum?

Is it safe to use a tampon if you are spotting while you are pregnant?

Answer Yes, unless the doctor says not to. Just treat it the same way you would during a period and be sure to change it often. I, personally, wouldn't suggest it because your body needs to get rid... Read More »

How to Do a Used Tampon Prank?

Ever want to get someone back and can't think of anything? Well here is a trick that is sure to freak someone out or just gross them out.