Is it safe to dye your hair darker in order to get rid of highlights and ugly roots in the very early weeks of pregnancy even before a missed period?

Answer Answer It didn't hurt me or my baby. I done exactly what you describe in all four of my pregnancies..To be on the safe side, you should wait until after the first trimester or try a demi-permanent ... Read More »

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Can some one be pregnant if they missed 2 weeks of there pills and had there period 2-3 weeks early?

When you miss that many pills you will have a early period which is a withdrawal bleed and you're also at risk of pregnancy. If you suspect pregnancy see your doctor for a blood test.

What is the best tell-tale sign of an early pregnancy before a missed period?

Answer Sore boobs. Answer MORNING SICKNESSwell sore boobs is my first sign befor my period

Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex three weeks ago and a pregnancy test was negative but you haven't missed a period yet?

Answer Anytime you have sex you have the opportunity for pregnancy with or w/o a condom. Your risk obviously does increase w/o a condom. Check with your physician or take another test to check f... Read More »

I started my period two weeks early and i have no cramps at all and its a very light period i feel sick though like wanting to throw up sometimes is this because of my period and why is it so early?

It could be a sign that you are pregnant.Your "period" might actually be implantation bleeding.You should wait and do a pregnancy test when your normal period is expected