Is it safe to drink ***?

Answer DO NOT SERVE THAT TO YOUR KIDS!!!what the hell is wrong with people,ignorance is bliss,i hope you both stop breeding dum-dums.

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Is it safe for men to drink soymilk?

Unless you drink insanely large amounts, it shouldn't affect you. As for those scaremongers, what about all the hormones in cows' milk? If you're worried, you can try rice milk, almond milk, or ... Read More »

Is coffee safe to drink?

Caffeine generally is not good for you. However, I read in the newspaper this summer that having a cup of coffee per day can help reverse/slow down the effects that alcohol has on the liver. My who... Read More »

Is mountian dew safe to drink?

Yes, but don't drink too much. All sodas are bad, but as long as you only drink them every now and then, you are fine. If you are diabetic, I wouldn't. It is better to just drink homemade smoothies... Read More »

Is red bull safe to drink?

It isn't...let me say very healthy to drink a lot of them,, but yes you could die from them because it's energy and makes your heart pump faster