Is it safe to drink methylated spirits?

Answer It is not safe to drink because its toxic to the Human body its died puple so it cant be mixed with other stuff if attempted it would turn purple and it could make you blind it contain a chemical t... Read More »

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Can you put methylated spirits in a hurricane lantern?

On One Hand: Methylated Spirits Are PermissableA hurricane lantern is a device with a glass chimney and a metal top with holes to allow a wick or candle to burn even in high winds and rainy conditi... Read More »

Are mineral spirits safe to use on cultured marble?

On One Hand: Cultured Marble Has a Resistant SurfaceCultured marble is a mixture of marble dust obtained when cutting marble slabs and a resistant liquid polyester resin. The individual grains of m... Read More »

What do you mean by "Spirits" in this category do you actually see "Spirits" when you get drunk?

Didn't you know this is the section for the supernatural?....We should ask Ms Leepal to join us here....

What Is a Methylated Spirit?

Methylated spirits are denatured alcohol compounds. They are made by adding poison or unpalatable substances to ethanol to make it undrinkable. The additives also make it expensive and difficult t... Read More »