Is it safe to drink a bottle of sherry in one go?

Answer I say go for it old boy....

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Safe to drink this old bottle of sherry?

Alcohol doesn't have a shelf life. If anything, it'll make it more potent than that 20% ABV. As there might still be active yeasts in the alcohol that will continue to breakdown the glucose into al... Read More »

Is leaking bottle of liquor safe to drink?

it should be safe. And you said the plastic seal was fully intact. I'd drink it.

I have a 15 years old bottle of beefeater gin can i drink it will it safe or harmfull?

It will only be harm full if you hammer the whole bottle

Is it safe to drink from an opened bottle of vodka I found in the park?

yeah you should you never know who could've had their lips and saliva on that bottle previous to you . you shouldn't ever drink something open that you don't know who the previous owner was especia... Read More »