Is it safe to dress my guinea pig up in clothes?

Answer On One Hand: Special Occasions and UtilityYour guinea pig will only be wearing his costume for a few hours on special occasions. There are whole websites devoted to guinea pig hats, capes and dres... Read More »

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How to Make Clothes for a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs can wear loose clothing for short, supervised periods.Ever wonder what your guinea pig would look like in a cute Hawaiian shirt for the summer? Or a frilly pink skirt? Here's how to mak... Read More »

Is cat grass safe for guinea pigs?

Cat grass, or grass grown from rye, oats, wheat or barley, is a safe treat for guinea pigs, but should not substitute for their main food. Too much grass may give guinea pigs digestive problems lik... Read More »

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How to Dress Up in 70s Clothes?

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