Is it safe to draw on top of a computer screen?

Answer you could always print the thing u want 2 draw then copy it by putting the piece of paper over the printed 1.

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What is a safe way to clean a computer screen?

It depends on what kind of screen it is. It is a CRT or a glass-fronted LCD, then you can use a damp cloth (no soap) or a small amount of glass cleaner.If it is an LCD with no glass covering, then ... Read More »

Is standard rubbing, household, alcohol safe to clean your computer's, monitor screen with?

If you've got a coated CRT (tube) or a flat panel the answer is definitely no. I use aerosol glass cleaner lightly applied to a lint-free cloth to clean CRTs and so far have managed to not need to ... Read More »

My screen on my computer is shifted to the left.. How do I center my screen on my monitir..I have windows xp..?

To the left to the left everything you own in a box to the left...

Today my computer screen went of centered so half my screen is black how do i fix it?

The display has been altered or the resolution is off set...I need you to do as follows:Press F8 when you start the computer and select start in safe mode. Safe mode uses 640 x 480 @ 60 Hz so you s... Read More »