Is it safe to download from this site?

Answer I don't download from Softonic...always seemed a little sketchy to me. I would just download it from the HyperCam website:

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Is This A Safe Site To Download From?

The site it self may be safe though that actual file is 0.01KB, which is tiny which suggest there's nothing in the file or if there is, it's going to be unsafe to download.As a general rule, if som... Read More »

Is there any site at all that is safe to download songs for my ipod?

itunes. also amazon has a pretty good service with high quality legal mp3

Is Limewire basic a safe download site If not what is?

First of all, it's not a site, it's program u download. And yaah, you could say it's pretty safe. I've ahd it for a long time and it hasn't given me problems. Just remember to ONLY download files ... Read More »

What's a safe site to download free songs?

open up two windows. first one youtube, second one youtube converter. look up whatever song on youtube, watch it. copy the http adress at the top of the screen, paste it into the box on youtube con... Read More »