Is it safe to download anything off the internet?

Answer no its not, you need to ask people for reference. Some people give website addresses here that have a lot of adwares and trojans like That site is FULL of adwares. You shouldnt... Read More »

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Is limewire safe to use and can u transfer anything u download to the windows media player?

it is safe if you download carefully, have a good spyware, antivirus and firewall on your system. It's illigal if your getting copywrited stuff. You can play anything in media player that you dow... Read More »

Is it safe to download adult materials from the internet?

it is safe as long as it is a good site. always go to trusty site as ther are a lot of them. cant type here which are they , u know y!

Is it safe to download free porn off the internet, or is there a risk that my computer could be infected?

frostwire.comget AVG anti-Virus before...For the most part it is good if you know what to search for... ; )Good Luck!

How to Make the Download Window Show up on Firefox Without Download Anything?

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