Is it safe to dip with a cut on your lip?

Answer Yest it is, just be careful.Dune

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What should you do when you feel safe and loved with your husband but have not desired him since you were married but you have lots of desire for a man with whom you do not feel safe?

Answer Take a risk. If you don't, then you're always going to wonder and in turn be miserable. Same thing happened here. I'm now married to the other man, we have a beautiful and happy little boy,... Read More »

If your child doesn't feel safe in her school does the school have to provide her with a safe alternative?

sit down with your child and ask why,how,and what happens. cuase it could be serios someone could telling your child bad things or making them do things so sit down and talk.

How to Be Safe With Your Partner?

How to stay safe whilst having sex with your partner and trying not to get pregnant. Also reduce the risk of STIs/STDs.

Is it safe to fix your headphones with normal sellotape?

It'll work for a while, but cellophane gets old and the color gets brown, and it's hard to remove. How expensive are these headphones? I'd use duct tape first.