Is it safe to delete&compress old files?

Answer On One Hand: Safely Deleting FilesIt is safe to delete old documents, such as text files, spreadsheets, photos, video and music if you no longer need or want them. If you may want them later, try ... Read More »

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Is Express Files safe?

Not a legit site! I would suggest you to have an good antivirus software so that it would let you know which is safe and which is not safe!

Is deleting Temporary files safe?

Temporary files are just that -- TEMPORARY.Every time you open your computer, it starts making temporary files. Getting rid of them is good.It WILL NOT affect how your programs run, as those are in... Read More »

What is and is it safe to quarantine the files?

It's adware. The pup stands for Potentially Unwanted Program. Yea it is safe to quarantine.

Are backup files safe to delete in Vista?

On One Hand: Delete Only If You Have Another CopyWindows says that it is only safe to delete Vista backup files if you already have another copy of the files. In other words, don't delete the most ... Read More »