Is it safe to delete the Norton Downloads directory?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Potentially SafeIf you have uninstalled all related Norton and Symantec software products, then deleting the Downloads directory containing LiveUpdate files should be OK. Otherwi... Read More »

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How to Delete Adware Threats That Norton Antivirus Can't Delete?

Every week Norton Anti-virus runs and tells it has located two adware threats: bridge.inf and HDPlugin1019.dll (yours may vary). When people go to find the files in the specified folder, they are n... Read More »

How to Delete a Non-Empty FTP Directory?

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a method for transferring files over a network. The files are stored on an FTP server, which use directories to store files in an organized manner. The FTP "delet... Read More »

How do I delete a directory command for Windows?

Removing a Directory CommandClick "Start," "Programs," "Accessories" and "Command Prompt." Type the following text in the command prompt: "RMDIR directory_name" to remove a specific directory. The ... Read More »

How to Delete Windows Installer Directory Files?

The Windows installation folder can grow to encompass a significant portion of the hard drive it resides on, yet not all the files are used by the operating system. Wasted space can pose a problem ... Read More »