Is it safe to delete quarantined viruses?

Answer On One Hand: Three OptionsWhen your antivirus program detects a virus, it will either do one of three things. If it can, it will probably disinfect the file, rendering the virus useless. It may als... Read More »

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Virus found in Rundll.exe and caught, but computer is fine. Is it safe to delete quarantined threat?

It all depends upon the amount of recurrence.If the trojan pops up often, if might corrupt your other system files. Hence if the programs work just fine, it would be safe to just delete it.Else if ... Read More »

How do I delete quarantined malware?

Remove Quarantined ItemsOpen the antispyware application. Run a full system scan to detect any adware, malware and spyware. You can opt to delete the malicious software right after the scan finishe... Read More »

How do i delete spyware&viruses?

Download a free anti-virus and anti-spyware program such as Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Avast or AVG. Open up the anti-virus program and run a full system scan. Select to scan "All Files and Folder... Read More »

How do i delete 21 viruses on my laptop?

First try CCleanerYou`ll also need a registry clean (in CCleaner)Don`t touch 32 or you`ll have to strip out and re-install.******THis is taking too long?*******DO NOT INSTALL THE WINANTIVIRUS 2009.... Read More »