Is it safe to cut my wrists?

Answer Yes, it is 100% safe, doctors r now even suggesting that children cut themselves to cure a very deadly disease known as being a f@g, more commonly known as emo.

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Can I safely cut my wrists?

Thats a dangerous place to cut. get it wrong and you will bleed to death within 10 mins not even knowing you have lethally wounded yourself. if you must cut I would do it on the top of your arm.Ple... Read More »

Pain in wrists?

It still could be Carpel Tunnel syndrome. Because it does not bother you all the time does not mean it has gone away. However a lot of computer people have these same pains on a regular basis and... Read More »

I'm drunk & cut my wrists?

i recently started cutting myself, i know how you feel =/i want to tell my mom but i'm afraid, but i think you should tell someone or go to the doctor and get it checked out. i might go to the doct... Read More »

How to get bigger wrists?

Your wrist is a condyloid joint that permits all angular motions,including flexion, extension, abduction, adduction and circumduction.The width of your wrist is mainly determined by the size... Read More »