Is it safe to crush a vitamin?

Answer A vitamin shouldn't irritate your stomach even without food. Unless the bottle says do not crush then it is fine to do so. If concerned ask your pharmacist.

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How much vitamin A is safe?

On One Hand: Recommended Daily AllowanceAccording to the National Library of Medicine, Vitamin A is found in foods like eggs, liver, fruit and dark vegetables. Eating five servings of vegetables an... Read More »

Is this much Vitamin D safe?

No its not a lot also It depends what vitamin d if its d2 then no if its d3 then it could be better your best bet is to get vitamin D3 is through the sun. Getting it from drinking milk isnt the bes... Read More »

Vitamin D 7000 IU Per Day Safe Or Not?

BenefitsVitamin D plays an important role in calcium balance and for skeletal growth and bone strength. The major role is to improve calcium absorption from the small intestine. Research shows low ... Read More »

Is it safe to take Vitamin E Myra E 400IU during pregnancy?

Yes.It is good.But only when you use it under the limit.For further information are available in the website.Please visit the website