Is it safe to chew adderall xr?

Answer On One Hand: No, It Is NOT Safe to Chew Adderall XRThe XR formulation of Adderall is designed to last up to 10 hours through time release. This means certain amounts of its active ingredients are c... Read More »

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Are beta blockers safe with adderall xr?

On One Hand: No technical contraindicationsAccording to the Food and Drug Administration, beta blockers are not on the list of drugs that interact negatively with Adderall XR. Technically, beta blo... Read More »

Is taking adderall and rhodiola rosea safe?

Not really, but why take rhodiola? Adderall will piss on it. Instead take holy basil or adrenal glandular since you will be taxing your own adrenals with all that meth.

Is honeysuckle safe to chew?

Honeysuckle is toxic in large quantities and no part, especially the berries, should be ingested. The only edible portion of the vine is the nectar than can be sucked out of the bottom of the flowe... Read More »

What kinds of gum are safe to chew with a retainer?

Sugar free gum. Just not the sticky kind cuz it'll stick to your retainer.