Is it safe to change your belly-button jewelry after a day?

Answer On One Hand: Healing ProcessIt is absolutely not safe to change your jewelry after one day, because your navel area is still getting used to the piercing. It needs time to heal so that the hole wi... Read More »

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My belly button ring fell out , is it safe to sterilize the jewelry with alcohol?

Yes, Alcohol is fine, it just helps sterilize things, no big problem, I just alcohol to clean my earrings so they are clean :)

When To Change Belly Button Jewelry?

Belly button piercings are among the most popular types of piercings in the United States. You have to be over the age of 18 to get your belly button pierced, or have parental consent. The most com... Read More »

If you are pregnant is it normal for your stomach to be soft above your belly button but hard under your belly button down to your private area?

It would depend upon how far you are into your pregnancy. The uterus will slowly grow in size and that is the hardness that you are feeling. As the uterus grows larger it will move further up into ... Read More »

How long until you can change a belly button ring after getting it pierced?

You need to leave it in for 6 weeks, then after that the piercing is stable enough to change the jewelry.Actually any professional body piercer will tell you the jewellery should be left in place f... Read More »