Is it safe to buy a lemon law vehicle in California?

Answer A lemon law vehicle, better known as a lemon law buyback, is a vehicle that was declared a lemon under California's lemon law. Manufacturers often offer to resell these vehicles to consumers--but t... Read More »

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What is the california vehicle lemon law?

A "lemon" is a car that fails to meet quality and performance standards. Lemon laws vary from state to state, but generally protect buyers who have purchased vehicles that fail to perform properly ... Read More »

Vehicle Lemon Law in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts lemon law offers consumers recourse in the event they purchase or lease a new--and in some cases used--vehicle with unfixable defects that substantially impair use, safety and/or ... Read More »

Wisconsin Lemon Used Vehicle Law?

If you buy a used car from a Wisconsin-licensed dealership, it is covered under the Motor Vehicle Trade Practice Laws. A used car purchased from a private party is not covered under the law.

Is the lemon law jurisdiction where you live or where you purchased the vehicle?

Each state or jurisdiction has its own lemon laws. However, many lemon laws throughout the United States apply to the state where the consumer purchased the vehicle. So, lemon law jurisdiction usua... Read More »