Is it safe to buy a laptop on eBay?

Answer never buy a used laptop on the internet evr because it is very unsafe it costs alot of money and if you want to buy a used one head on up to your nearest computer or electronics store and get one i... Read More »

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Is it safe to buy a laptop on EBAY !?

Well I hardly use ebay so not much I can add. Anyway whats up? hows it going with you and your amaaaaazing bf, are you married yet?

Is ebay safe or not first time to like something on ebay and it cost a lot of money so idk if its safe?

yeah its safe. I buy a lot of things on ebay. The sellers always ship and the few that dont are really screwed because you can tell ebay that they scammed you and they will get banned from the site... Read More »

I sold a laptop on eBay - and the "buyer" refuses to send payment until he recieves the laptop - - - ?

Definitely do not send the laptop before you get paid, thats how people get scammed. Tell him that either he pays you and as soon as you receive payment you will send it, or the purchase will be vo... Read More »

Is Ebay Safe?

It is quite safe but really read what people said that gave this company a negative rating. This will tell you a lot more than the positive ones. Also, read the description VERY carefully.