Is it safe to brush my teeth with bathwater?

Answer all depends did the bath water come from ibrox if it did u now have a serious health problem ?????????

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If I run out of toothpaste is it safe to brush my teeth with shampoo?

I wouldn't brush with shampoo that would taste terrible and leave a soap residue in your mouth...yuk... I would be best to just get your toothbrush wet and use it without toothpaste until you can g... Read More »

What is wrong with me having a "teeth brush" instead of a "tooth brush"?

How to Brush Teeth With Vinegar?

If you have dull or yellowed teeth, home treatments for whitening can help you brighten them up and remove stains without a pricey trip to your dentist. Over-the-counter treatments often contain ab... Read More »

How to Brush Your Teeth With One Cup of Water?

Conservation of natural resources is very important. People usually waste a lot of water while brushing their teeth, here is how to do it only using one cup.