Is it safe to breed a female dog on the first heat?

Answer On One Hand: Dogs Have Been Breeding Before DomesticationFemale dogs, depending on their size and breed, come into their first heat anywhere from 5 to 18 months old. This indicates that female dogs... Read More »

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What age do you breed a female dog?

On One Hand: Sexual MaturityFemale dogs can feasibly be bred with males when they are between 5 and 12 months old, according to By this time, they will be able to physically care ... Read More »

How Do You Know a Female Dog Is Ready to Breed?

When a female dog is not spayed, she can become pregnant during her heat cycles that last up to two to three weeks. As the female matures, she will begin to indicate she is ready for breeding. If y... Read More »

How to Breed Female Florida Box Turtles?

Florida box turtles can make wonderful pets and are prolific breeders when given the chance to mate. But breeding a female box turtle is something that should only be undertaken after much consider... Read More »

What Dogs Can You Breed With a Female Chihuahua?

Although a female Chihuahua may be biologically able to breed to any other canids, including wolves and coyote, producing healthy puppies limits the possible types of sires. Additionally, many tiny... Read More »