Is it safe to be pregnant while working as a manicurist or beautician?

Answer of course not

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Is working at a factory safe while pregnant?

Every workplace should be safe for pregnant women to work in but if there are heavy lifting for example that is not good. I imagine you are not the only woman being pregnant at the factory though. ... Read More »

Where can a beautician get liability insurance for working two days a week as an independent hairdresser at a nursing home?

Where are you getting liability insurance the other 4 days a week? From you employer? In his/her Salon under an umbrella policy. If you want insurance you must become an employee for those two days... Read More »

If you have a 6 month old baby - had gestational diabetes with that pregnancy - and just found out that you are pregnant again is it safe to stay pregnant?

Yes, it is. You may be considered high risk by some care providers, because of the previous GD but otherwise, you should be fine. We usually encourage people to wait at least one year after a vagin... Read More »

You just found out you are pregnant you have a 6 months old and had gestational diabetes that led to a caesarian section Is it safe to stay pregnant and what are the risks if you do keep the baby?

Typically if you know you are pregnant and you develop diabetes but find out about it it is alright. Gestational diabetes (although not the greatest thing to have) is easy to control if you follow ... Read More »