Is it safe to be online, or even have my computer on during a thunderstorm?

Answer If you have a good surge protector, that is one that not only protects the power, but also your modem line or cable, and you have backups, you are reasonably safe. If not, it would be best to unpl... Read More »

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Is it safe to use a computer during a thunderstorm?

Is it okay to use your computer during a thunderstorm?

Best/safest way would be to unplug from the wall. When lightning hits it looks and follows pathways. So if your pc is not plugged in it can't be zapped. Ignore this tip and you may as well go fly a... Read More »

Do you unplug your computer during a thunderstorm ?

Why do people say you should shut off your computer during a thunderstorm?

If lightning strikes and a power surge is sent through your house, your computer will fry. If the computer is on, it means data can get corrupted and everything since the hard drive is spinning and... Read More »