Is it safe to be active while having a fever?

Answer It is advisable to take rest when one has fever

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Can a baby sleep while having fever?

Most of the time, baby can't sleep when they have a fever they just always wanted to carry by their parents specially by their mommies.. in that way they can sleep much better even they are sick :)

Can a flu shot be taken while having a fever?

It is recommended by the CDC that if you have an infection causing fever like a cold or the flu you might benefit to wait until you are over it before getting a flu shot or other vaccination. Your ... Read More »

Has anyone ever had a mishap while having falling, catching a cramp while having sex?

My bf got a hernia in his groin. It looked like an apple under his skin and the doctor had to operated him.

Having sugar and bloodpresure the reaction is having fever everymorning what to do?

see the doctor for treatments for both glucose control and blood pressure control and a possible infection